Recent Performances

“Body Waves” with Malcolm Riddoch at the Sound Spectrum Festival, Perth, Australia [2012]
Collaborative quadraphonic infrasonic work using Stanier Black-Five’s recordings of the Christchurch earthquakes

Sabbatical Festival, KIPL, Melbourne, Australia[2012]
Quadraphonic travelogue piece

Noisemachin, Perth Artifactory, Perth, Australia [2012]
Live noise and collaborative segues:

Goo Fest, Glue Gallery, Dunedin, NZ [2012]
Performance and sound recording workshop

“Wine & Sound”, Golden Dawn, Auckland, NZ [2012]
An exploration of how sound alters the perception of a wine’s taste

NZ South Island tour with Malcolm Riddoch [2011]
Collaborative and solo works

“Chimera”, Festival of the Body, Christchurch, NZ [2011]
Contributed music for an experimental dance performance by Sascha Perfect

Ill FM, The Others, London, UK [2011]
Performance and live to air

Analogue to Digital, Scitech, Perth, Australia [2011]
International guest artist at an event series where sound art intersects with science

Lines of Flight Festival, Dunedin, NZ [2011]
Earthquake performance at New Zealand’s main festival of experimental music

“Oenomatopoeia”, Taupo Erupt Festival, Taupo, NZ [2010]
Quadraphonic installation created from recordings of wine

Ill FM, The Others, London, UK [2010]
Performance and live to air

Selected earlier work:

Altmusic Festival with Chris Watson & Sea of Holes, High Street Project, Christchurch [2009]

Two Trains of Thought tour, NZ [2009]
A series of performances across New Zealand, based on recordings of ports, with sounds added at each performances from recordings from the host city’s local harbour:

Lines of Flight Festival [2009]
Performance at New Zealand’s main festival of experimental music

Borderline Ballroom with Daniel Menche, The Media Club, Christchurch, NZ [2008]

Word of Mouth event with Can’t, Neptune, Deepkiss 720, Eastbourne UK [2007]

“Train Music”, London Musicians Collective 10th Annual Festival of Experimental Music, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK [2001]

Book Depository action with Stillupsteypa & Retro AKA, The Hague, Netherlands [2000]

“Atavistic Rachets”, Lewisham Art House, London [1999]
Multi turntable installation/performance piece:

“Prosumption”, Bar Sate, London [1996]
Multi-sensory live performance using live processed sounds from the preparation of a meal, which was then fed to the audience.