Stanier Black-Five & Zeug Gezeugt

Antwerp – Paris – Berlin – Warsaw – LondonSB5-EQ-X
13 – 25 September 2013

New Zealand sound artists,Stanier Black-Five and Zeug Gezeugt are touring Europe this September to celebrate the release of their collaborative Body Waves album on the Entr’acte label. The album is the product of an initial series of live performances for which Stanier Black-Five created soundscapes from recordings she made at the epicentre of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, that were then transformed by Zeug Gezeugt to accentuate the lower frequency harmonics.

On their September 2013 European tour, they are proposing to make the final live international performances of Body Waves, creating a vibroacoustic environment in which the audience is immersed in a visceral music that goes beyond the auditory system to be felt in the body.

Body Waves has already attracted considerable interest both in Australasia and internationally. It was covered in the January edition of The Wire magazine and was the subject of a report on one of New Zealand’s major television channels.

Tour Dates:
13 Sep – Stadslimiet, Antwerp
16 Sep – La Miroiterie, Paris
18 Sep – NoiseAngriff, Berlin
19 Sep – Salon Bruit, Berlin
22 Sep – Kawiarnia Fawory, Warsaw
25 Sep – Club Jigoku, London

Stanier Black-Five’s tour was in part supported by:

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