About Jo Burzynska

04Jo Burzynska – who also performs and records under the name Stanier Black-Five – is an Australasia-based sound artist and wine writer whose work in these areas has increasingly converged in the production of multisensory art. As a sound/multisensory artist she has exhibited, performed and released her work around the world, while in her role as an international wine critic and judge, she has written widely read wine columns and is the author of Wine Class: All You Need to Know About Wine in New Zealand (Random House).

Her installations and performances are regularly created at the intersection of the senses, often combining sound and taste and. This includes the sound and wine installation, Oenosthesia created from a Suoni dal confine artist residency in Irpina, Italy, which was premiered at the Intereferenze FARM Festival in Tufo, Italy (2012) and went to be exhibited at Italy’s national museum of contemporary art, MAXXI in Rome (2015), as well presented at Studio Sienko in London and in New Zealand at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Physics Room .

Her recent solo exhibition, Mishearings, was a series of multisensory installations that drew both on her own studies of sound and taste and the current psychological research into crossmodal correspondences that have shown that the senses can have a powerful influence over each other. In this, the sensorial and conceptual elements of the works were achieved by the interaction of sound with different sensory stimuli, which when combined, altered or intensified the audience’s perceptions.

Burzynska’s live performances include major festivals, such as the London Musicians Collective’s annual Festival of Experimental Music in the UK to New Zealand’s Lines of Flight Festival. Recent album releases include Avast! (CD) on Belgium’s music label, Entr’acte and Alone with the black spirits (Vinyl and mp3) on Rail Cables 2016.

She is one of the founders and a curator of The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand, the South Island’s only sonic arts gallery and public multichannel performance space. This included the world’s first dedicated wine and sound bar where she curated an “oenosthetic” wine list, in which wines were matched to the current exhibition and the music playing in the space.

Jo performs regularly both in Australasia and internationally, performing alongside artists such as Chris Watson, Merzbow and Jessica Rylan and presenting her work at festivals such as London Musicians Collective’s annual Festival of Experimental Music.

Actively involved with communicating about sound art and experimental music, she is the co-editor of Writing Around Sound. She has written for the likes of the UK’s The Wire magazine, Noisegate sound art journalBerlin’s Datacide and contributed a chapter to the book Erewhon Calling: experimental sound in New Zealand, edited by Bruce Russell. She has also hosted a number of experimental radio shows, on the UK’s Resonance FM to Christchurch’s RDU.

She is currently based in Sydney, where she is researching the interaction between sound and taste and its creative application for a PhD at the University of New South Wales.