Tuning Sensory Terroir Sound Portfolio

Sound files of creative works submitted as part of the PhD,
Tuning Sensory Terroir

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Sensory Terroir

Sensory Terroir is the final creative project of Jo Burzynska’s PhD. It is a crossmodal artwork that embodies her notion of sensory terroir: an interlaced sensuous system that evokes the concept of terroir – the symbiotic environmental and human factors that combine to create the overall character of a wine from a specific place. This resonates with the idea of the senses as a similarly complex synergistic system that together form a unified perceptual aesthetic experience. The sounds, wine, and the culture captured and transmitted by the artist through this work originate from an actual terroir – the vineyards and winery of Pollinaria in Abruzzo, Italy – with Sensory Terroir an imaginative expression of that place.

Sensory Terroir can be presented blindfolded as an immersive installation, or from a sensory  box (above). A sensory score guides the audience into the experience through mindful sensory interactions with the wine bottle, glass and corkscrew (APPENDIX K). A soundscape is listened to while tasting the wine from the same place the soundscape was made; the soundscape designed to crossmodally interact with the wine’s flavours and echo its flow across the palate. The sensory terroir these interactions highlight suggests connections between the wine’s sensory, natural, cultural, and geographical dimensions.

Sensory Terroir
Multimedia: Soundscape 18:46, Amorotti Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine 
Sensory Terroir 310 MB wav file


Heard Melodies are Sweet

Central Signature
Multimedia: Central Otago Pinot Noir and soundscape 2:13.
Central Signature 37 MB wav file

Multimedia: Off-dry Riesling and soundscape 5:19.
Amazuppai 80 MB wav file

Dead Arm
Multimedia: “Dead Arm” McLaren Vale Shiraz and soundscape 1:12.
Dead Arm 20 MB wav file

Risonanze di Vino

Multimedia: Vallisassoli 33/33/33 2013 wine and soundscape 3:40.

Changing Flows
Multimedia: Fontanavecchia Libero Taburno Falaghina 2007 wine and sounsdcape 2:33.
Changing Flows 42 MB wav file

In Giardino
Multimedia: Cantina Giardino Bianco 2017 wine and soundscape 4:18.
In Giardino 71 MB wav file

Montagna Mia
Multimedia: Masseria Frattasi SVG920 2017 wine and soundscape 3:31.
Montagna Mia 58 MB wav file

Multimedia: Masseria Parisi Resolje Moscato Spumante NV wine and soundscape 5:29.
Resolje 90 MB wav file

Multimedia: Cantine Tora “Spartiviento” Aglianico del Taburno Riserva DOCG 2011 wine and Soundscape 2:51.
Spartiviento 47 MB wav file