Body Waves in Slovenia

Stanier Black-Five and Malcolm RiddochBody Waves, an infrasonic quadraphonic earthquake performance, has been accepted for the International Computer Music Conference 2012 to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia 9-15 September.

Composer: Stanier Black-Five and Dr Malcolm Riddoch
Title: Body Waves
Year: 2012
Instrumentation: Electroacoustic 4 channel playback
Duration: 30 mins
Program Note:
A live infrasonic performance whose sounds go beyond the auditory system to be felt in the body. The primary sound source in this exploration of vibroacoustic perception are the unique recordings made by Stanier Black-Five at the epicentre of the recent earthquakes in New Zealand, which capture the vibrations of its massive aftershocks, collapsing buildings and subsequent demolitions. These are transformed by Riddoch to accentuate the lower frequency harmonics of the performance space to immerse its audience/participants in a dynamically visceral music of the body.
Photograph by Motoko Kikkawa

Body Waves performance, Spectrum Project Space, 18/05/2012

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