Oenosthesia: sound and wine

Oenosthesia is a multi-sensory installation exploring the synergies between sound and taste. The work was created during a Suone dal Confine artist residency in Irpinia, Italy in July 2012 from field recordings made by Stanier Black-Five within the region’s wineries and vineyards. Their different frequencies and timbres were designed to interact with selected local wines served at specific times during its performance. The installation was premiered at Interferenze’s Farm 2012 Festival in Tufo    

Here Stanier Black-Five talks about the concept during the installation’s creation.

Listen to Oenosthesia on Soundcloud. For the full multisensory experience, suggestions of wines to accompany its three sections are:


00:00 A mature Greco di Tufo or similar mid-weight white wine with some richness eg Chardonnay
06:00 A youthful Greco di Tufo, spumante/sparkling or comparable minerally high acid white eg Riesling
12:00 Requires a full bodied red, such as Taurasi or a Cabernet Sauvignon/blend

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